Types Of Cycling

Cycling has been around for ages and it is regarded as one of the major and oldest sports. Though cycling first started as a means of transport it has since evolved and enjoyed as a sport all across the world. There are a few distinct types of cycling and hence allowing each and every one to have a preference. If you want a more sporty and aggressive type of cycling then you can try mountain or even BMX. If you want a more laid back activity then the tandem cycling is available for you.

This was a development to bridge the gap between the bicycle and the motocross. BMX was developed to perform stunts and ramps for fun as a style of riding. The sport is both an indoor as well as an outdoor activity. It has short bursts of energy that propels you from one side of the skate park to the other. This is a fun game that allows you to enjoy the rush in adrenaline and give you the ultimate gash of relief each time you accomplish a stunt.

An advantage to this sport is that it is an all year round sport which means you can enjoy the sport at any season unlike most of the cycling races. A combination of the short burst of energy and the brilliant jumps and tricks will allow you to have perfect skills on the off-road bike races. Also, these stunts will help you perfect your sprint skills and help you save up on energy when you learn to pump effectively and save pedaling power. In addition, the tricks you learn with the BMX will give you confidence when navigating through technical and Rooty sections of the track.

Cyclocross is a road racing bike that involves both the challenges of a mountain and road cycling. If you enjoy the messy cycling through the mad then this is the perfect sport for you. The cyclocross is best known for instilling discipline among the cyclists. It involves the use of extra energy to pedal through the obstacles thus giving you the extra stamina for mountain climbing racing.

Even though the cyclocross asks for more pedal power and strength to overcome all the obstacles and challenging terrains it also requires a lot of technical skills to be able to achieve your goal. Major professional athletes usually train in the cyclocross as this ensures that they have all the skills and knowhow to overcome most of the obstacles.

Track cycling
Track cycling is one of the types of cycling that has gained its popularity at an increasing rate. The streets are getting busier by day with track racers all around the world. In track cycling there is no use of brake for the better part of racing this will allow you to develop some handling skills to keep you on track. Also, track cycling requires continuous pedaling to gain that consistent speed in a fixed gear.

Continuous track cycling ensures that you use your cadence efficiently. Track cycling will ensure that you gain the necessary technical skills to use in racing. Also, it will instill discipline among you that can be transferred when racing.

Road cycling
It is undeniably the most popular type of cycling around the world. It involves the use of lightweight bikes and covering endless miles of the tarmac road. The most difficult part lies in the pace, endurance and energy management as it requires a lot of energy to keep up the same pace over a long distance. In addition to having fun while cycling road cycling improves your cardiovascular strength, muscles and bike confidence. This allows you to be able to keep fit and healthy at all times.

Road cycling is easily accessible and fun as compared to hoping to your car and going for a drive. Road cycling also improves your cycling skills and will allow you to have more power when racing. When you want to have fun with your friends and family and you don’t have an outdoor event in mind you should try cycling as this will ensure that you get a lot of exercises and improve your health with your family right by your side.

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Mountain biking
Mountain biking is mostly done by those who enjoy pushing themselves a little bit harder. This type of cycling has a way of giving you a good adrenaline rush all up to your body. Mountain bikes are a bit heavy as compared to road bikes and it makes climbing a more challenging affair but all worth it in the end. The use of mountain bike will enable you to learn how to balance your body weight on your bike and give you an advantage while racing. Also, mountain biking gives you the skills needed to overcome challenging terrains and obstacles.

In addition, mountain climbing improves your climbing skills especially if you are a climber and this gives you an advantage over the other racers. If you have overcome the climb then the other terrains are super fun and easy. You enjoy rushing downhill and moving from one obstacle to the other thus giving you the need for fun and pleasure of trying something new. Additionally, you learn the skills of keeping your bike on the ground even when turning around sharp corners.

Tandem cycling
This is mostly seen in the tourist destination areas and holiday areas. If you have never tried tandem cycling then you are missing out on the fun of cycling. They encourage teamwork and the art of trusting your partner in maneuvering around the obstacles. The tandem bikes date back to the 1800s where the bikes were developed for recreation.

It is a perfect active sport for couples as they learn to enjoy a sport together where they are both involved. It is regarded as more of a novelty cycle than a cycling sport. It is a bit harder than it looks at the both of you have to synchronize harmoniously to achieve your goal and move forward.

Cycling as a sport has a lot to offer and it is a lot of fun. Enjoy all the types of cycling that there is all year round and have fun with it. It wouldn’t kill you to try something new go out there and have the best time of your life.
As usual, have fun!

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