Best Bike Cleaning Kits 2019

Before stepping into your much deserved ice-cold shower, it’s paramount that you make sure that your bicycle has been thoroughly cleaned. So if you’re looking forward to exploring the mountain trails or riding to work all year round, you have to get ready for regular bike cleaning tasks. After all, this is the least your bike deserves for keeping you fit and saving you in transport costs throughout the year.

However, keeping your bicycle clean is easier said than done. First of all, you have to make sure that you don’t overdo it since your bike’s components and paint can wear out quickly. In addition to that, cleaning the drivetrain and bearings will require some special tools to remove the mud and grease effectively. Lucky enough for you, the UK market is filled with a whole host of bike cleaning kits to help you clean your bike seamlessly. Choosing the right one, however, is a different ballgame altogether.

To help you out, this review article will be taking you through four of the bests bike cleaning kits your money can buy. Keep reading!

Muc-Off Ultimate Bike Cleaning Kit

Package Contents
+ 1*1 litre Muc-Off Biodegradable Bike Cleaner
+ 1*500ml Bike Spray
+ 1*Detailing brush
+ 1*2 Prong Brush
+ 1*Claw Brush
+ 1*Microcell Sponge
+ 1*Parts Washer
+ 1*Premium Microfiber Polishing Cloth

The revolution in bicycle cleaning is being led by non-other than Mac-Off who offer a diverse line of bicycle maintenance and cleaning products. Moving forward, Mac-Off Ultimate bicycle care kit features 1 litre of Muc-Off nano tech cleaner that’s very effective thanks to its “Nano Technology” cleaning formula. This solvent will effectively penetrate the dirt on your bike’s surface, leaving your bike sparkling clean after only a few minutes of work.

But if there’s one thing that we love about this biodegradable product is that it contains no harmful solvents, acids, or CFCs, making it perfectly safe to use. All in all, you won’t have to worry about your bike’s paintwork, chrome, or even your carbon fibre frame.

Another thing, this bike cleaning kit comes with a 500ml spray bottle, which might seem small. However, this little bottle still produces enough pressure to effectively clean out the horrid black gunk on your bike’s chain and drivetrain. You’ll also get a sturdy claw brush, with an excellent rubberised grip, which comes in handy when cleaning grease and oil. Additionally, you’re provided with a detailing brush as well as a 2-prong brush to help you scrub those hard-to-reach places such as areas around the shocks, hubs, forks, and linkages.

As for those who like the typical soap-water method, you’ll get a pink sponge for doing just that after which you can use the provided premium microfiber polishing cloth to dry your bike thoroughly. Finally, the Mac-Off Bike Protect – a liquid polish and protectant, is at hand to help you wipe away any excess fluids. All in all, this Mac-Off cleaning kit is sure to get your bike looking brand new once again.

• Very effective
• Nice smell
• Biodegradable solution
• Easy to store

• Includes items that you might not need
• Quite expensive

Mac-Off 8-in-1 Bike Cleaning Kit


muc-off 8-in-1

Package Contents
+ 1*1litre Mac-Off Biodegradable Bike Cleaner
+ 1*500ml Bike Spray
+ 1*Detailing Brush
+ 1*Microcell Sponge
+ 1*Soft Washing Brush
+ 1*Two-Pronged Brush
+ 1*Claw Brush
+ 1*Parts Washer/Storage Tub

Mac-Off has done it again with its 8-in-1 bike cleaning kit, which contains eight cleaning tools. To begin with, you’ll get a nano tech bike cleaner for easy and quick cleaning, just like with the Mac-Off Ultimate Kit. You’ll simply have to spray this biodegradable cleaner using the provided 500ml spray bottle to break up all the dirt, mud, and excess grease.

And to effectively clean your bike’s frame, drivetrain, seat, handlebar, and tires, you’ll be provided with a claw brush, soft washing brush, and a sponge to do just that with minimal effort. To make it even better, this kit also comes with a detailing brush and two-pronged brush to help you reach and thoroughly clean areas where it would probably take your hours to clean on another day. We recommend using the large microcell sponge on your bike’s frame because it protects it from unwanted scratches while cleaning.

Let’s not also forget that the kit comes with a bike spray protector for giving your bike that shiny finish after clean up. And finally, before storing your tools, you can clean them up in the storage tab to make sure that they are in good shape for any future cleaning task. After you’re done cleaning the tools, you can proceed to store them in the storage tab.

• Includes everything needed for bike cleaning
• Very effective cleaning liquid
• Brushes provided for thorough cleaning
• Durable and powerful cleaning kit

• No chain degreaser for easy chain cleaning
• Not the cheapest alternative out there

Dirtwash Cleaning Bucket Bike Cleaning Kit


Dirtwash Cleaning Bucket Bike Cleaning Kit


Package Contents
+ 1*400ml Dirtwash Citrus Degreaser
+ 1*400ml TF2 Ultimate Lubricant Spray
+ 1*100ml Teflon Surface Protector
+ 1*1litre Dirtwash Bike Cleaner
+ 1*Sponge
+ 1*Dirtwash Tapered Brush
+ 1*Dirtwash Sprocket Brush
+ 1*Dirtwash Wheel and Tyre Brush

First and foremost, this bike cleaning kit comes fully armed with one Litre of bike cleaner that’s 100% acid-free. This solution is meant to cut through any dirt or grease on your bike’s surface. And unlike most acid cleaners out there, you’ll require minimal scrubbing making it safe to use on coated, polished, plated, and painted finishes. But what I like the most about this bike cleaning kit is that you’ll get a powerful, natural degreaser that will remove all the muds and oil on your bike’s chain and drivetrain.

Thankfully, you’re also provided with high quality, sturdy brushes to help you reach and scrub through hard-to-reach areas such as the spokes, brakes, sprockets, etc. In addition, you’ll get a refillable lubricant spray bottle for easy spraying of the cleaning agents on your bike’s surfaces. Lastly, you’re provided with an all-weather lube for surface protection all year round. This lube is water and dirt repellant, meaning that you won’t have to clean your bike during the rainy or dry seasons regularly. All in all, this’s one complete kit that you should strive to get your hands on.

• Nice finish
• The wet lube works well
• Great for decreasing your bike
• A bargain!

• Brushes are quite hard

Muc-Off Bike Care Essentials Kit

Muc Off Bike Care Essentials Kit

Package Contents
+ 1*1Litre Biodegradable Bike Cleaner
+ 1*500ml Bike Spray
+ 1*Large Microcell Sponge
+ 1*Wheel and Component Brush
+ 1*Free Tote Bag


It’s generally not a good idea to look at the price tag when shopping around for a bicycle cleaning kit. But in this case, I’m really impressed by the Mac-Off Essentials kit price tag of around £25 or less depending on where your purchase it. Moving on, the Mac-Off Essentials Bike Care kit will help you effectively clean your bike after those muddy rides thanks to its fully biodegradable nano tech cleaner. You simply have to use the provided 500ml spray bottle that boasts of enough spray strength to blast off the muds and dirt.

After that, you can now use your large microcell sponge to clean up your bike’s frame, handlebars, chair, and fork. But if there’s one area of your bike that needs extra cleaning, then it’s the tyres. In this case, you’re provided with a wheel/component brush to give them dark, sparkling looks. You can also use the brush to clean all the difficult-to-reach places such as the areas around the chain, fork, and cassette. Additionally, use the Mac-Off Bike Protect to freshen and preserve your bike, giving it a shiny, brand new look. Finally, after all your hard work, clean up the tools, and store them in the provided contaminate-free storage bag.

• Biodegradable bike cleaner
• Comes with a convenient tote bag
• Pocket-friendly kit
• Cleans brilliantly

• Limited kit contents
• Price is a bit high

Bike Cleaning Kit Buying Guide


Now that we’ve already helped you uncover the best bike cleaning kits let’s briefly go through the qualities of a good bike cleaning kit.

Package Size – The first thing you should find out is if your preferred kit has all the tools you’ll need to get started with cleaning your bike immediately. From there, the prices become negotiable.

Customer Rating – Whether you like shopping online or not, you should take a look at the various customer reviews and product ratings at sites such as Amazon.

Price – You don’t have to spend a fortune to lay your hands on the bests bike cleaning kits out there. However, you’ll have to pay slightly more for most complete and highly effective bike cleaning kits.

Eco-Friendly Option – Some bike care products contain toxic chemicals which will not only destroy your bike’s paint and parts but are also harmful to your health and the environment as well. That being said, your bike cleaner should always be made from a biodegradable formula.

In conclusion, you don’t need any high-pressure cleaning tool to clean your bicycle properly. Our four bike cleaning kits are easy to use, biodegradable, and most importantly, are very effective without bleaching your bike. Simply pick one from the above list of four and rest assured of a sparkling clean bicycle.


Image credits:, Muc-off & Dirtwash brands