Steampunk Motorcycles

Steampunk Motorcycles

Lately I’ve had a bit of an obsession with the Steampunk movement. What the heck is that? you may be wondering.

Definition: a genre of science fiction set in Victorian times when steam was the main source of machine power. (You can learn more at wikipedia.)

Artists have been experimenting with steampunk art for a while and it’s gaining in popularity. It incorporates a lot of brass, copper and the use of gears and cogs and has a high-tech, yet vintage look. One of the most recent creations that has spread online is the steampunk LCD monitor and keyboard modification (which can be found at the Steampunk Workshop if you’re interested in modifying your own set up).

I began to wonder if anyone had created steampunk-style motorcycles and with the help of Google, a blog called Dark Roasted Blend and The Kneeslider (both sites posted about steampunk style motorcycles back in July, you can read them by following the appropriate links) I found some examples.

While these motorcycles might not have specifically been created to reflect the steampunk sensibility, they come pretty close and I think they’re really fantastic.

This is the Bobster trike from Zeel Design.

This bike was initially created for a motorcycle comic and the artist’s brother decided to make it real.

Now this bike, the Hubbard Steamcycle actually has a steam-powered engine. Read more about it.

This is the B120 Wraith which was made by the Confederate Motor Company.

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