About us

Purple Harry is a young, innovative British cycling brand. Our Bike Cleaning Perfection range is aimed at the perfectionist – hence the name! Someone who takes as much pride in maintaining their pride and joy as they do riding it. Sure we’d all rather be out there on the trails or quiet country roads riding, but when it comes to good maintenance there’s no room for short cuts. There’s nothing more annoying than gears clattering, poor shifting or noisy brakes because last week’s mud and grime are clogging up your components. Similarly our Ultimate Rider Care products look after your body and help to prevent unplanned downtime off the bike with sores and injury. You might think it’s only the pros that need pampering with creams and massage – but don’t knock it until you’ve tried it! You’ll feel better and ride stronger.

How it all began

When it comes to cleaning the freewheel, chain, derailleurs and more intricate components we found there was nothing available on the market that really hit the spot – and we were fed up of using rags and old toothbrushes that either get caught or simply move the dirt around rather than removing it!

‘Bike Floss’ was born

bike-flossWe wanted something that would get right into the nooks and crannies of every component, leaving them clean and free of dirt. We figured as “flossing” is effective for teeth then surely the same principle could work for bikes. You will find Bike Floss totally unique in its capacity to thoroughly clean and remove debris from the most inaccessible areas where grime and dirt accumulate. It is also reusable! After an extensive search for industrial dental floss proved fruitless we stumbled on the solution which was right before our eyes as one of our children had made a craft project out of – pipe cleaners! We couldn’t just use any old ‘craft’ pipe cleaner – they had to be abrasive, absorbent and very durable.


Made in Britain & developing the product portfolio.

Needless to say when we approached the largest UK manufacturer – they were eager to develop and supply a solution for us. After all – the pipe smoking market isn’t exactly booming!! This was all before the brand ‘Purple Harry’ came along – and… well if you really want to hear the story behind that you might just have to buy us a couple of beers… Since the Eureka moment of Bike Floss we’ve grown from strength to strength – with a complimentary range of liquids – each with a unique selling point – and another industry first in the Wash and Polish Mitt with a UK registered design. Again this has been designed with ergonomics as a forethought – its 3 pronged shape allowing easy access to the bikes fiddly bits without snagging on the drivetrain. Following the success with bike maintenance products we turned our focus to the rider. After all, it’s not much good if your bike’s in great shape but you’re not! Unfortunately we can’t help you get stronger legs – but our Ultimate Rider Care Range will ensure you get the best out of them and give comfort during and after your rides. Purple Harry’s products are manufactured in Great Britain wherever possible. We are committed to British Industry and believe that this ethos will assist the UK’s economic recovery.

Meet the team

image003 Richard & Dean We have been involved in all areas of cycling; road, triathlon and mountain biking – for far longer than we’d care to remember and have a true passion for everything and anything bike related – spending most of our free time cycling in the Derbyshire Dales. Like our mascot, Harry the Hippo we also love riding fixed, the purest form of all – this is usually to the pub on a warm summer evening though! Our ideas and innovations continue to grow and we’re perpetually extending our range of products, providing cyclists around the globe with all they need to keep themselves and their bikes in tip top condition. Smooth pedalling! PurpleHarry-9